Black Label is the hottest item in our brand
We won't explain it anymore, just feel it for yourself

Preminu Active Line

Black Label is a premium active line created
based on numerous researches done by more than 100 Yoga/Pilates instructors and experts.

Double Side Knitting

Manufactured for professional activities, our black label is made with light and thin high-gauge fabric on both sides to emphasize its softness and non-see-through texture.


A fuselage pattern is applied to the fabric that helps to hold the body firmly and allows maximum completeness of body movements

Double Side Knitting

Black label is constantly developing products suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities from yoga, pilates to running, swimming and other high performance activities.

Black Label 300N
  • Designed for yoga
  • Lightweight & Soft
Black Label 330N
  • Designed for daily workouts
  • Double-sided knitted
Black Label 360N
  • Designed for daily workouts
  • Figure-flattering bestseller
Black Label 380N
  • Designed for Sweaty workouts
  • Curve-defining

Expert’s Choice : 100% satisfied by customers and yoga/pilates instructors

Global No.1 Spandex Brand

CREORA Spandex is the No.1 leader in the global spandex market by share, backed by unmatched production technology, quality standards, research and development, and global marketing efforts. Continuously launching groundbreaking new products ahead of societal shifts and trends, CREORA is leading the way in the global market. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, CREORA Spandex Steps Up to challenge existing limitations.

Creora® PowerFit

creora® PowerFit spandex provides high power and excellent heat resistance engineered to maintain fabric’s high stretch and recovery even setting at high temperature or re-dyeing. It delivers outstanding deeper color and excellent fastness even after washing, when dyed with disperse dye stuff.

CREORA PowerFit spandex offers a variety of yarn specifications with excellent technology and quality. It is the hallmark of Hyosung’s extensive CREORA spandex collection and is used in all product lines that require elasticity. including activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel, ready-to-wear, denim and more.

You can experience excellent performance in products that require strong elasticity, such as shapewear or compression clothing.

Creora® ActiFit 

creora® ActiFit spandex is designed to provide the long-lasting durability, UV and chlorine resistance, and superior recovery required of cycling, swimming, triathlon and adventure racing apparel, where athletes can encounter numerous environmental surroundings – whether it be salt water, intense sun or a rocky crag.