【RECIPE】Sweet and Spicy Beef Keto Kimbap 매콤달콤 소고기 키토김밥

【低醣低碳美食】生酮飲食法Keto Diet的原理是以低碳水化合物、高脂肪及適量蛋白質配合的飲食方法,藉著減少吸收碳水化合物,令身體處於低糖狀態,於是身體需要燃燒脂肪來產生酮體,從而達致減肥、去水腫功效,而以牛扒、蔬菜及蛋,也可製作出方便而美味的生酮快餐!

【Low Sugar and Low Carbs Keto Diet】The principle for a Ketogenic diet is a combination of low carbohydrate, high fat and an appropriate amount of protein. By reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, the body will be in a low sugar state, therefore the body needs to burn fat to produce Ketones which can help reduce weight. With steak, green vegetables and eggs, you can make a simple and delicious Ketogenic meal.