【RECIPE】Fried Kimchi & Pork Kimbap Burrito 볶음 김치 & 돼지 스테이크 김밥 브리또

【健康帶飯之選】韓式泡菜炒豬肉是一道快速料理,很簡單就有齊酸辣微甜味道,非常惹味!泡菜熱炒後很香甜開胃,配搭蔬菜及蛋以墨西哥捲餅包實,絕對是健康帶飯之選! 【Healthy Packed Lunch Idea】Fried Kimchi & Pork Kimbap Burrito is a quick and simple dish that has a sour, spicy and a slightly sweet taste, which is absolutely delicious! The Stir-fried Kimchi is very sweet and appetising along with the vegetables and egg wrapped in a burrito definitely makes it a great idea for a healthy packed lunch!