【RECIPE】Chungmu Kimbap 충무김밥

據韓國人介紹,因為忠武區的漁民需長時間在外捕魚,漁民妻子為怕食物變壞,因此製作了忠武紫菜飯捲,將酸辣開胃的魷魚餡與飯分開,減少接觸時間,從而降低食物變壞的機會。 According to Koreans, because fishermen in the Chungmu District needed to fish outside for long periods of time. The fisherman's wife was afraid of the food spoiling, so she made the Chungmu Seaweed Rice Rolls by separating the hot and sour appetizing squid stuffing from the rice, reducing the contact time and therefore reducing the chance of the food spoiling.