【RECIPE】Indian Makhani Curry Pork Belly Keto 맛있는 돼지뱃살로 만든 카레 키토 김밥


生酮/低醣飲食要少吃醬料,但自製咖喱是由天然辛香料組成,主要成分為薑黃、孜然、荳蔻、肉桂、丁香等,而市售咖喱磚或咖喱包則含麵粉、糖、化學添加劑等生酮飲食不能攝取的物質,所以必須留意! A ketogenic/low-sugar diet requires fewer sauces, but homemade curry is made of natural spices, the main ingredients are turmeric, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, etc., while commercially available curry bricks or curry packs contain flour, sugar, chemical additives, and other substances that cannot be taken in a ketogenic diet, so be careful!