Which Type of Wide Leg Pants is Right For You? 3 Tips for Choosing Wide Leg Pants!

When it comes to most-worn pants, wide leg pants should be the most popular! Probably every girl got one in her wardrobe. In addition to being comfortable, wide leg pants can lengthen the overall proportions, and they are loved by many girls. But you need styling tips when you get a pair of new wide leg pants. If you choose the wrong wide leg pants, you may look fat and shorter. Introducing below 3 tips to make you more comfortable when choosing wide leg pants! 

Translation by Holly Chan

Written by: Karen Cheung|Image: Envato, ROSÉ IG @roses_are_rosie, Son naeun IG @marcellasne_


1. Avoid wide-leg pants with plaid/stripes if you have wide hip

Girls with a wider hip or bottom of the body should avoid choosing wide leg pants with plaid and stripes. The bottom part of your look can appear broader and enlarged because of wearing wide-legged trousers with prints.

Photo by Nagy Arnold on Unsplash

✓ It is recommended to choose H-line straight leg pants with solid colors/denim wide leg pants to help improve the bottom body-line.



2. Avoid choosing low-waist/cropped wide leg pants

Girls who want to wear wide leg pants to lengthen the overall proportions should avoid choosing low-waist or cropped wide leg pants. First, it is absolutely difficult to wear low-waist pants with a golden ratio. Secondly, the focus point will stay on the exposed ankles when wearing cropped wide leg trousers, and there will be no slimming effect.

Photo By Envato-look_studio

✓ If you want to look taller and slimmer, it is recommended to choose high-waist pants in full length, shoes are slightly covered by the hem to create more fashionable style!


3. Choose light tone wide leg pants carefully

Wide leg pants are one of the hot items in the fashion trend. Girls would love to keep as much color choices as possible, but the light tone wide leg pants tend to make the bottom body look wider. If you are in pear shaped body, please avoid it! It is better for you to pick a darker wide leg pants for modification.

Photo By Envato-look_studio

✓ Dark-colored wide leg pants, such as dark gray, dark green, dark blue denim wide leg pants, etc. are all a stylish and good match for pear shaped body!