3 Youthful Temperament Korean Niche Fashion Brands Which Are Popular Among K-pop Stars e.g. Blackpink and Red Velvet!

The next niched Korean brands are characterized as intellectual with a youthful temperament and are the most popular among Korean stars such as Blackpink and Red Velvet.

Many of us are inspired by Korean fashion in our daily routine. Trance Korean fashion has become one of the trend indicators globally. In recent years, Korea has also begun to emerge a variety of niche fashion brands, because of the rise of the Korean artists. If you like to be unique, you might want to consider the following brands. In addition to high performance fabrics, the brands focus is to give their customers courage to be independent and fierce.

Written by:Karen Cheung|Photos:Yuppe(엽페)、L’OEIL(로에일)、THE LOOM


1. Yuppe(엽페)

Yuppe’s motto is to give you a "comfort" in your loneliest moment through its energetic and fashionable clothing. The brand’s vibe is to encourage you to pass the day with strength during a difficult day. The clothing focuses on young and fresh smart fashion. In addition to the ruffled design that is very hot and romantic in Korea, Yuppe also introduces a series of clothing suitable for work , without losing the sense of femininity.



Also Fashion Icon Blackpink member Jisoo, Red Velvet member Seulgi, Mamamoo member Solar, Moon Byul, and HyunA have all worn the brand's clothing, which easily brings out the young and full of Korean style.


2. L’OEIL(로에일)

LOEIL is a men's and women's fashion brand founded in 2019. It’s designs are for day to day activities, giving you the energy through a variety of harmonious colours. The brand hopes to express the sensibility and witty details in clothing by the developed designs.




LOEIL mainly uses earthy and natural colours throughout their clothing designs. The cut and silhouette are looser, and the drape feels heavy. The overall feeling is comfortable and casual. In addition, the brand's oversize suit jacket is also very suitable for work, creating a powerful and dominating look.



THE LOOM has been established for 12 years and has been focusing on women's minimalist style clothing. The brand beliefs it’s that no matter how you want to mix and match, you can create your own style and reflect your own identity and vision.



The clothing design is simple and casual but with a sense of maturity, and also adds a lot of small details. In addition, the big-collar British jacket and tie suit are the brand's characteristic clothing, which is versatile and stylish.