Looking For Ways to Look Thin? 5 Dresses Which Are Most Easily Overlooked by Girls!

One-piece dresses are a fashion item that many girls love. Although one-piece dresses have been used, there is no need to pay special attention to matching clothes, but many people will easily ignore the dressing skills. Girls remember To master these five one-piece dresses to wear a body type taboo, learn to modify your body shape cleverly, and stop exposing your shortcomings!

Written by:Karen Cheung|Photos:Unsplash, Yeri IG @yerimiese, Minyoung Park IG @rachel_mypark


Photo by Yeri IG @yerimiese

1. If you have a full chest, avoid wearing dresses with bows/decorations on the chest

If the girl's breasts are fuller, it is recommended not to wear dresses with bows or too much decoration on the chest, which will make the breasts look more cumbersome. Choose a dress with a simple design or a shirt version to modify your overall figure. On the contrary, if the chest is flat, you can choose a dress with decoration or print on the front to divert your attention, so that people will not focus on the chest.


Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash


2. For girls with slim/skinny builds, avoid wearing oversize skirts

Don't think that skinny girls don't have taboos to wear one-piece dresses! When a thin girl wears an oversize skirt, she will feel too loose and cumbersome, and she will not be able to highlight her figure. It is recommended to choose a H line dress with a sense of design, print or V-neck, which can highlight the figure without looking too thin.


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3. For those with strong legs, it is recommended not to wear short umbrella skirts

The design of the umbrella skirt will make people's focus fall on the lower body. For girls with strong legs, it is not recommended to wear short umbrella skirts! It can be transferred into a long skirt in the hand, which can effectively modify the legs and lengthen the overall proportions.


 Photo by gbarkz on Unsplash

4. For arms with fleshy or sturdy arms, avoid wearing the bladder/vest dress

The one-piece dress of the shirt or tank top will fully expose the arms in front of the person, so girls with more sensual arms are recommended to wear a short-sleeved or mid-sleeved one-piece dress with a little modification.


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5. Do not wear tight skirts if the lower circumference is rounder

Girls with rounder bottoms are advised not to wear close-fitting skirts! It is appropriate to cover the lower body with an A-line skirt with a sense of layering or design on the skirt.


Photo by Paladini Mauro on Unsplash