4 Genderless and Classic Fashion Brands that Korean girls love!

We are happy to introduce 4 niched Korean brands. What they all have in common? The neutral and light-skinned colours , that are perfect for any complexion. Many girls are found of Korean fashion because of the delicate and feminine lines. The colours that are used by the brands, are custom made for the clothes and for the customers needs. All the colours are chosen to be neutral so you can easily mix and match with anything that you already have in your wardrobe colour wise, shape wise.

Written by: Karen Cheung|Photo:Ahwe、OUTSHELL、P/A by PAUL&ALICE、MUER


1 Ahwe

We made a purpose in helping our customers and that why we choose Ahwe for you. The brand s purpose is to take you out from your daily life routine, by giving you calmness and light, thru the brand s characteristic colours. The comfortable, but chic outfits are easy to mix and match because of the unique soft colours and essential shapes.


Ahwe’s concept , is to make you feel stylish and feminine, white you are at work, or going out. Their signature exaggerated shoulder line helps the silhouette by giving it posture and the illusion of being taller. The brand is very versatile, so we encourage you to take a look and indulge yourself !


OUTSHELL is the brand that defines our times we are living in. Inspired by women of all ages they developed concise silhouettes in neutral colours and special fabric fusion, the brand’s purpose is to empower you in your daily life.





P/A by PAUL & ALICE ‘ s (PNA by Paul & Alice) concept is to use masculine and feminine elements in their design. The brands essence is to find the perfect fusion between the contemporary delicate lines and the subtle minimalist touch and style.



Stylish windbreakers, jackets and suit pants, etc. , are the shapes that put the brand on the map. The brand is specially designed to address to all the powerful women, that are not afraid in taking the lead in professional , nor personal life.



Muer is an artistic based brand witch makes sure that their designs express comfort, by integrating the feminine sophisticated elements with you daily life activities.


The brand focuses on comfortable, loose tailoring and simple style, adding a lot of fashion details such as knots and scales, making the simple and clean design more fashionable.