Zumba dance has been known as the strongest weight loss exercise in recent years. It may sound a bit strange, but in fact, many female stars such as Xiao S Xu Xidi, Rainie Yang, Chen Yanxi, etc. love to dance with Zumba for self-cultivation, and the secret post IG tells everyone how much this dance is. Sweat and fun. The most important thing is that Zumba dance teaching is easy to follow. Basically, there are no strict restrictions on specific dance steps. You only need to follow the rhythm and swing the body briskly and deliberately to achieve sports-like weight loss. Now let’s introduce and recommend Zumba dance instructional videos, find the fun of jumping and losing weight at home!

Written by: Daphne Wu|Photo: ENVATO


Zumba dance is a sport that combines Latin music and dance steps. It is known to have been invented by a star fitness coach and famous line dance instructor in Colombia. Although the music revolves around Samba, Salsa , Tango and other styles, the dance steps are full of unrestrained vitality, but it is not Less dance teaching means that there are no strict restrictions, and even creation is welcome. Later, it is transformed into no longer limited to Latin music, so the changes are very diverse. It is not difficult even for sports novices, and the most important thing is to enjoy it.

When dancing, as long as you pay special attention to the swing of the waist and legs, with jumping and waving your arms, you can achieve the effect of whole body exercise, achieve muscle strengthening and fat loss, and even the muscles that are rarely used in ordinary days can be affected to make the whole body lines more compact and more beautiful, more earlier named international fitness Association Zumba is the world's most popular and most fitness dance, dance Zumba dance 1 hour from burning 500 to 1000kcal , very attractive!



And because Zumba dance requires multiple sets of muscles throughout the body to increase blood circulation during oxygenation, it helps strengthen the heart, and even increases the sense of balance and coordination of the limbs. Zumba can be more anti-depressant, anxiety and expressive. It is absolutely suitable for most busy urbanites.



So what do you need to prepare for Zumba dance? You only need to prepare an online dance teaching video and put on light sports clothes and sneakers. Remember not to obsess with every detail of the dance steps in the film, but to immerse yourself in the passionate music. Here are 3 easy Follow the fun Zumba dance instructional video for you to dance at home, I wish you a happy burst of sweat!



1. Listen to BlackpinkJump Zumba


2. 20 Minutes to help you lose weight

3. Super easy to follow and sweat