Xexymix Trademark

XEXYMIX is a trademark with a formal license


Jackets, sweatshirts, tights, sweatpants, skirts,

Related categories such as vests, uniforms, clothes, underwear, sportswear, etc.


Cannot use XEXYMIX name, logo, photo, video

Etc. any trademark related items


Therefore, it is not allowed to open and private associations on the website, Facebook, Instagram,

Commercial sales are carried out in open markets such as shopping centers.


Please do not infringe on trademark rights and cause damage to the rights and interests of XEXYMIX Hong Kong customers.


Customers should pay attention to products on the market that mislead customers under the name XEXYMIX, and avoid buying non-payment or fake products.

The trademark of XEXYMIX has been officially registered in Hong Kong.

Under the premise of infringement of trademark rights, it is possible to apply for civil damages, return of illegitimate profits, prohibition of use, and criminal proceedings.

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