Perfume makes people more attractive and can enhance the beauty of life. As early as the ancient Greek era, people had already applied scented essential oils to the skin. Coco Chanel's famous saying: "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." But applying perfume is not as simple as we thought! If it is not sprayed correctly, it is likely to have an adverse effect. Pay attention to the following 6 points, which can enhance the fragrance of the fragrance and make the process of applying fragrance become enjoyable!

Picture: ENVATO


1. Don't apply perfume after finishing

After changing clothes, apply perfume. After a long time, clothing and jewelry will lose their luster due to the alcohol in the perfume. The best time to spray perfume is after bathing and before putting on clothes.


2. The spraying location should not be exposed to the sun

Do not spray perfume directly on the skin, especially on the parts that will be directly exposed to the sun, such as the face and neck. When the fragrance encounters ultraviolet rays, it will produce chemical changes, leading to the destruction of skin melanin and causing rash and freckles. You can apply sunscreen on the sprayed position. After the sunscreen is completely absorbed, spray perfume.


3. Wrists are not suitable for perfume

Most people will choose to spray the perfume on the inside of the wrist. Rubbing the wrist at this time is to destroy the fragrance of the top note with brute force. The result is that the fragrance does not last long. The important thing is! The inside of the wrist is actually an acidic environment, and contact with other objects will cause the perfume to change its flavor.


4. It is not suitable to spray perfume behind the ear

Some people like to put perfume behind their ears, believing that this is a very sexy part, and they are all misled by the plot of the movie! In fact, there will be a body odor of thick oily smell behind the ears, mixed with the smell of perfume, it will completely destroy the smell of the perfume itself!


5. Do not spray directly on the hair

Spraying perfume directly on the hair will make the hair dry. You should spray the perfume on the comb, and then use the comb to comb the hair. The comb teeth pass through the hair. Naturally, the fragrance will be left on the hair.


6. Don't spray on sweaty places

Some people think that spraying perfume under the armpits can cover up the smell because they are prone to sweat or body odor. In fact, they want to cover it up. The combination of body odor and sweat will give off a more terrifying smell!


The parts that are really suitable for applying perfume are actually the outer arms, elbows, waist, knees, calves, ankles, which are less prone to sweating! Let the fragrance float out like nothing!




There are many types of perfumes on the market, and there are 4 types of perfume (parfums), perfume (Eau de parfum), Eau de Toilette (Eau de Toilette) and cologne (Eau de Cologne) according to the concentration of fragrance. The price of perfume is mainly determined by the content of fragrance. The higher the concentration of fragrance, the higher the price.



1. Look more, smell more, try more, because there is no personal contact, you can't imagine the taste described in words.

2. Only pick what you like, suiting yourself is the first condition, and pleases yourself is the most important.