There are many dance classes, but every time you mention pole dancing, people will immediately blush. They feel that pole dancing is sexy and difficult to control, so it’s not suitable for everyone. But in fact, all of the above are fallacies. As long as you like it, pole dancing is changeable. It’s fun and helps your body become more beautiful. Let’s listen to the pole dancing coach Dimple Lin’s introduction and know how to choose a pole dancing course that suits you.
Written by: Daphne Wu|Photo: Unsplash

Pole dance

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

When you see pole dancing in a dance class, you may want to try it, but you are too shy to inquire, because pole dancing has always given people a sexy and even unconscious look and feel. However, as a way of artistic interpretation and self-expression, pole dancing, like many dances, can incorporate different elements and is equally beneficial to the body and mind. Below is a list of 8 questions that many people want to know about pole dancing . Dimple , who is a pole dancing coach, won the international Pole Idol Championship and the Pole Theatre HK 2019 champion, will answer them one by one.
 A way of artistic interpretation and self-expression

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

1 What are the characteristics pole dancing?
Dimple : "Pole dance can integrate different dance steps. Whether it is sexy, artistic, or even fast, slow and Chinese songs, it can be integrated into pole dancing. There are many changes." 

2 Is pole dancing suitable for everyone? 

Dimple : "Different genders, tall, short, fat and thin are suitable for pole dancing; in terms of age, as long as you like, basically anyone from 8 to 80 years old can become a pole dancer." 

3 What should I pay attention to? 

Dimple : "Basically no. It's just that the clothes we wear are less than those we wear during ordinary dances. This is because pole dancing relies on our skin to generate friction with the poles to make it easier to make related movements, so we wear less cloth to a certain extent. It is actually needed." 

4 What are the benefits of pole dancing? 

Dimple : "It can tighten the body shape, make the appearance look more compact, show feminine beauty, and at the same time strengthen self-confidence, make people full of life." 

5 And what do you think is the fun or attractiveness of pole dancing ? 

Dimple : "Every movement of pole dancing requires constant practice to complete it successfully. It requires dedication, hard work and sweat in the middle. That sense of success is what attracts me." 

6 What is the most difficult part to pinch? 

Dimple : "The most difficult thing to know is to release yourself from the pole dancing from the bottom of your heart. As for the posture, you can practice more and more painstakingly." 

7 How much is the price of a pole dancing course?

Dimple : "Price per hour, roughly $ 200 to $ 400 range." 8 How to choose their own pole dancing course from the many courses? Dimple : "Beginners should first try different styles of pole dancing courses, and then find the dance steps that suit them in different styles, and then practice and study them. During the period, they should not forget to maintain various dance styles to enjoy the greatest pleasure of pole dancing. "