Trending work-life harmony ! You read that right, it is work-life harmony rather than work-life balance . The latter has always been easy to know and difficult to do, so many urbanites have deviated from their workplace psychology. They work hard every day and cannot enjoy life from their hearts. There have been articles that pointed out that the work-life balance is not practical. It is recommended that you adjust your mentality and learn. Work into life. The following 4 small methods can help you to actually develop the work-life harmony mode. I hope you can regain the joy of life. 

Written by: Daphne Wu|Photo: ENVATO


Way of Work-life harmony 1 : Learn to let go of electronic products

Although electronic products make life easier, they also keep us in touch with our hands and follow our work closely. The boss is even more uncomprehensive and chasing messages , making it impossible for you to leave work in your life. In fact, we should put down our mobile phones at the right time, especially when we are on vacation, getting along with family, eating, learning not to respond to the machine immediately, reply to messages, check emails from time to time , so that we have a moment of me time , and enjoy the present time, in order to be more motivated. Greet the work afterwards.


Way of Work-life harmony 2 : understand that "work" and "life" are not opposites

When we know that life is not separated from work and work is not separated from life, we should also understand that work and life are not opposites, but learn to integrate work into life. When we are free at home, we have a clear mind. Maybe we can think about how the next project should be practiced or sorted out. How to deal with the problems encountered at work, etc. And when you work, don't forget to let yourself have some free time. Sighing a cup of coffee, swiping your phone for a while, and gossip with your colleagues will also add a bit of sweetness to the boring work.


Way of Work-life harmony 3 : Don’t sit on this mountain and look at that mountain

Everyone has heard "take this hill, hope that mountain, nothing," visited many successful women and management, they unanimously agree that when you decide the next 1 hours must be processed to work, even if you're at home, be sure to also concentrate Done; and when you plan to accompany your children this afternoon, put your time wholeheartedly on them, so that you can complete various tasks efficiently and with quality without feeling time wasted.


Way of Work-life harmony 4 : Find a job that truly meets your ideals

Many migrant workers are obviously unhappy at work, constantly OT and workload are like mountains and seas, but they are desperately clinging to work. In fact, they just have trouble with themselves. Everyone should first know himself and understand his preferences when he is looking for work. Is he pursuing his dreams for his ideals? Or is money first? When you recognize your goals, you will be more willing to be convinced even if you encounter difficulties, you can work hard for the work that meets the requirements in your mind, and naturally know how to integrate work into your life, so that work is no longer a hard job.