The recommended whitening essence is HOT TOPIC every summer. With the change of urban people’s eating habits, many people unknowingly tend to overnutrition or imbalance in "eating", and a lot of toxins are accumulated in the body. Over time, it is easy to cause a burden on the body, which is reflected in the skin condition. Therefore, in recent years, people have often advocated fasting detoxification, single diet detoxification, and even large intestine hydrotherapy, etc., hoping that the body's toxins can be properly discharged, cooling the skin, preventing melanin and light spots.


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Whitening habits 1. A glass of lemonade in the morning


It is often said that you need to drink lemonade for whitening. In fact, lemon is rich in vitamin C. Drinking a cup of warm lemonade can activate the body's functions. Of course, a good habit to keep your skin moisturized is to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. You can also drink fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices or herbal teas (drinks without caffeine), because moisture is the best way to help the body. The mechanism works normally and removes toxins, naturally reducing the accumulation of dark spots.


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Whitening habits 2. Eat only fresh foods or non-exquisite processed foods


It’s best if you can buy fresh and organic food at an organic food store. Otherwise, try to avoid eating delicately processed foods. Try to choose: sweet potatoes, burdock, onions, white radishes, brown rice, millet and other coarse grains and roots. Make healthy dishes at home, such as vegetable detox soup.


Whitening habits 3. Do aerobic exercise every day


The most effective way to detoxify is to do exercises by sweating, allowing the body’s toxins to be excreted along with the sweat. It can also lose fat and lose weight by the way, such as cycling, running, brisk walking, swimming, Tabata, HIIT or TRX training, at least adhere to each time 30-40 minutes.


Whitening habits 4. Brush away old skin cells every night


Before taking a bath every night, dry and brush the body with a bristle brush to gently remove the old cutin on the skin, stimulate the skin to promote lymph and blood circulation, promote body metabolism, eliminate orange peel and whiten the skin, and help detoxify the body organs. The supermodel Miranda Kerr also recommended this method to help the body circulate.



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Whitening habits 5. Go to bed before 10 o'clock in the evening


This seems to be easy for many people to do. From 11 pm to 3 am, it is the time for detoxification of the gallbladder meridian and liver meridian. You must be asleep before the gallbladder and liver can perform detoxification. It is best to sleep for 8-9 hours, so that the body can get adequate rest, improve the tiredness of the body, and the skin condition can be smooth and firm.


The Consumer Council of Hong Kong has reminded to pay attention to whether the mercury and lead content in whitening products exceeds the standard. The consequences of excessive mercury intake include nervous system disorders, vision loss and kidney damage, so choose whitening essences carefully.



The main ingredients of Gilla 8 Dual Super Power Radiance Essence Booster are vitamin C, rose, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, grape seed extract and argan oil. In response to Asian women’s skin care habits, weather and other factors, combined with the smoothness and comfort of water and the light and moisturizing feeling of oily but not greasy, shake well before pumping out, so that the water/oil plant essence is mixed in a perfect ratio, and the skin is perfect after application Blended, absorbed and penetrated by the skin more effectively, making the whitening essence work its best. And the unanimously acclaimed rose scent, the faintly moving fragrance cleanses the soul and glows with a pleasant scent.



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