Retiring work on time is the voice of many workers. Even if a conscientious boss can persuade you to "go away", work is always overwhelming, and it is definitely not easy to escape the fate of OT . Except for the heavy workload, have you ever thought that your work style might be the culprit that drags you down on time? If you have read the relevant workplace sharing, you will find that many successful people never work overtime, but can complete their work in an orderly manner. The trick is to achieve efficient productivity. The following five methods may help you.

Written by: Daphne Wu |Photo: Twenty20


Punctuality Tip 1 : Distinguish between deep work and shallow work

The so-called deep work is a complicated, time-consuming and time-consuming work, while shallow work is a relatively fragile work , such as checking emails, attending regular meetings, etc., distinguishing the above two types of work can reduce switching work items and let you more Focus on the affairs at hand. If you are writing a plan ( deep work ), just ignore other shallow work to improve work efficiency and improve the quality of work at the same time.


Stop work on time Tip 2 : Communicate more with colleagues

We usually work hard as soon as we receive a job. When searching for information, we might as well put down the computer in front of us and choose to inquire with different experts and colleagues, so that multiple heads can seek various ideas together and stimulate your thinking mode. , The effect may be more pleasant than your own hard work.


Stop work on time Tip 3 : Set your own dead line

The dead line is not necessarily given by the boss, and it may be more effective to set it by yourself. Former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt had to share myself method enhances concentration of ── race against time, the original to a complete hour of work, is set from 30 minutes (of course, you know the answer 30 minutes is the be feasible), when you set Once the goal is reached, you will immediately become focused and bring work efficiency to unprecedented heights.


Finishing work on time Tip 4 : Make a list of work

In addition to simply listing the tasks to be completed on the day, this method can also be classified and completed according to time, such as putting together a series of tasks that can be completed within 15 minutes, and putting another bunch of tasks that you want or can be completed before noon Work in parallel, and then complete one by one step by step, not only organized, but also can get a sense of success in the process of constantly completing tasks.


Stop work on time Tip 5 : Connect work with things you like

The presentation of everything can be regarded as a ritual and a good beginning of the day. If you like to drink coffee, you can link the coffee with the reply email, so that when you come back to the company, you want to read all the emails. When you come back to the company, you will become more fluid and forget-me-nots, so as to save this. The time of the work.

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