There are many causes of acne, but the main reason is that it is affected by hormones or excessive oil secretion, which blocks the pores and causes bacteria to multiply, and then becomes inflamed and forms acne. To deal with this annoying problem, in addition to paying attention to daily skin cleansing and care, many people use tea tree oil because it has antiseptic and soothing effects and helps to fight off acne. But it turns out that in addition to tea tree oil, there are other essential oils to choose from. This time, I invited Xiaoxi, the founder of Wenxiangji and the natural perfumer, to recommend and teach you the correct usage.

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Causes of Acne

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To deal with acne, tea tree essential oil with antiseptic, disinfection, and soothing effects is the favorite choice of many people. However, if you have tried it and found that it is not very effective, or do not like the relevant smell, what other options do you have? Xiaoxi, the founder of Wenxiangji and a natural perfumer, recommended the following 3 essential oils, which also have antibacterial properties, and some of them can be added to daily moisturizers, which is very convenient.

 Recommend the following 3 essential oils

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Acne repel oil 1: lavender essential oil
laugh hi refers to nature as gentle with tea tree oil, antibacterial effect, directly at the point where there is a small drop of acne. She added that tea tree oil and lavender essential oils can only be used on the affected area occasionally as pure essential oils. Remember not to use them all over the face. Generally, essential oils are recommended to be diluted to 1% or less when used on the face.
*The following two essential oils can be used in non-fragrance moisturizers, creams or aloe vera gels. Add 1 to 2 drops of essential oils to 15ml moisturizers, creams or aloe vera gels and mix well.
Repel oil acne 2: German Chamomile
has a very good anti-inflammatory effect, can help lower swelling, anti-allergy.
Repel oil acne 3: Song Hongmei
like tea tree oil is a plant myrtle family, but anti-bacterial, anti-viral function better than tea tree oil, but less than the latter fame.

The following pure lotion is used as a wet compress or mask

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In addition to essential oils, Xiaoxi also recommends the following hydrosols as wet compresses or masks, depending on the needs of the skin. Sometimes because the skin lacks water, the skin secretes more oil and causes the pores to be blocked. Therefore, it is important to replenish water. Supplementing water will help the skin care products to absorb later, so you must not be lazy. The hydrosol is weakly acidic, which can regain a healthy and weakly acidic state of the skin and reduce the chance of bacterial growth.

  1. Orange Blossom Hydrosol: Helps balance oil secretion
  2. German Chamomile Hydrosol: Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
  3. Rose Hydrosol: suitable for all skin types
  4. Tea Tree Hydrosol: It is milder than tea tree essential oil and can be used comprehensively

Xiaoxi, the founder and natural perfumer of Wenxiangji

Xiaoxi, the founder and natural perfumer of Wenxiangji