Controlling oil and suppressing acne is a compulsory course in the hot summer, because the high temperature causes excess facial oil, the stratum corneum clogs the pores and causes blackheads to increase. In addition, wearing a mask for a long time makes the skin more cramped. trouble. If you want to control oil and avoid acne in the summer, you must carefully do 1. Thorough cleansing, 2. Effective moisturizing, and 3. Whitening and removing marks. These are the 3 important oil control steps to combat acne and mask muscles.


Oil control method 1. Thorough cleansing

The oil secretion in summer is twice that in winter. Cares such as thorough removal of excess oil and suppression of excessive oil secretion are also extremely important. It is important to clean the skin! However, using products with too strong cleansing power may wash away the skin's moisture and make the skin tighten and secrete more oil.



The thick foam penetrates deep into the pores. The avocado ingredient is gentle but full of cleansing power. It can gently cleanse the pores clogged by sweat and excess sebum without irritating the skin's natural moisture barrier. It is especially suitable for people who love outdoor activities to keep the skin clean and fresh. , After washing, it won't be dry at all.


Oil control method 2. Efficient moisturizing

In fact, as long as the skin's moisture content is sufficient, the old dead skin cells will peel off with the metabolism, and the secretion of facial oil will be reduced. Therefore, another important point for oil control is to moisturize! Regularly applying a moisturizing mask can help moisturize and lock water for a long time. When the mask is applied, the moisturizing essence can penetrate the skin more easily, so that the skin is easily absorbed without a greasy feeling. At the same time as moisturizing and moisturizing, Will not bring additional burden to the skin.



The moisturizing essence and hyaluronic acid in the mask can increase the softness and brightness of the skin, improve rough and sensitive skin, reduce fine lines and dry lines, and have a refreshing and watery texture. It can cool the skin and quench its thirst and increase elasticity in the hot summer. And radiance, and effectively prevent skin aging.


Oil control method 3. Whitening and removing printing

In the hot summer and wearing a mask for a long time, the hateful acne is really hard to prevent. Even if you do enough cleaning and oil control, sometimes it can't stop it from appearing! To deal with the skin’s number one enemy, you should not be too late, immediately choose anti-inflammatory products to eliminate acne in one fell swoop, and use vitamin C-containing whitening essence to quickly remove acne marks every night to inhibit and balance oil secretion, thereby reducing acne and speeding up acne decay. Makes skin white and smooth quickly.



The main ingredients are vitamin C, rose, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, grape seed extract, argan oil, etc., which can effectively remove dead skin after acne, so as to purify acne marks, restore white skin, improve fine lines, and make skin healthy Translucent brilliance.

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Basic knowledge of oil control skin care

The skin is divided into three layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The outermost layer is the stratum corneum. The normal thickness of the stratum corneum on the face is 0.01mm-0.02mm. People with thin stratum corneum usually have redness, sensitivity, and tingling. It is also troublesome, and the water retention function is poor, water is easily lost, and dry itching is more common.


As for people with thick stratum corneum, you can feel the skin is rough and granular when touched with your hands, and the pores will become thicker, prone to oil and acne, forming the so-called "acne skin", all of which are thick stratum corneum. The characteristics of the face, and the face is obviously dull and lacking in translucency.


Regardless of whether the keratin is thick or thin, each has different skin problems that need to be solved. However, when choosing cleansing or maintenance products, the same must be based on the pure and natural ingredients. Of course, eat less fried spicy that can irritate the skin. Healthy lifestyle habits, such as food, less alcohol and tobacco, regular and adequate sleep, are also the keys to having a soft, bright and good skin texture!