When it comes to fitness equipment, many people may still think of large-scale exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes. However, after two years of experience with the WFH epidemic, home exercise has become a new trend, and fitness equipment that is naturally light and easy to store is also a new trend. Look up one by one. If you are only starting to exercise at home, this time I will recommend 5 fitness equipment suitable for you to use at home at any time, and the price is not expensive, absolutely suitable for novices, even you who are good at sports.

Written by: Daphne Wu|Photo: XEXYMIXHK, Unsplash


Among the home fitness equipment, these 5 products are suitable for novices and experienced users. The focus is on lightness and easy storage, suitable for most families in Hong Kong.


Home fitness equipment 1: Adjustable dumbbell

Dumbbells are a very good home exercise equipment, basically it does not require professional training before they can be used. We often see small dumbbells that seem to be suitable for girls. However, when you have been doing home exercises for a period of time and have adapted to the weight of the dumbbells, or want to train a certain part of your body, you may feel that a dumbbell may not be enough, so This kind of adjustable dumbbell is very good. One already has different weights and can be adjusted to the required weight when needed. It does not take up space and is easy to use.


Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash


Home fitness equipment 2: Yoga mat or fitness mat 

Regardless of the importance of a thin and light yoga mat or fitness mat, it has a non-slip function, and at the same time helps you provide cushioning during exercise, maintains body stability, and makes some movements that touch the ground more comfortable to do. Most yoga mats or fitness mats can be rolled up and stored, which is very convenient. After each use, wipe them with a damp cloth and wait until they are dry.


Home fitness equipment 3: elastic band

Another home exercise fitness equipment with extremely diversified training uses can train the chest, arms, thighs, buttocks and other muscles. Even if it is a common abdominal curling exercise, it can be used with elastic bands to instantly double the difficulty and increase the exercise effect.



Home fitness equipment 4: skipping rope


Of course, the ceilings of Hong Kong's homes are not too high, and I am afraid that the rope skipping will ruin the lights. Many invisible wireless smart skipping ropes have been introduced in the market. When skipping rope, the height of the jump should not be too high. The forefoot should lightly land and then jump up again. Do not land with the heel or full foot. This jumping method can effectively speed up the rope skipping.


Home fitness equipment 5: Foam roller


Foam rollers are also called yoga rollers. Its purpose is to relax muscles. When you have a certain amount of exercise, it is important to use foam rollers to reduce muscle soreness and eliminate muscle pressure. In addition, when the myofascial membrane is relaxed, it can improve Flexibility and plasticity, combined with the stretching action, can make the calf line look better.